frank bosma


I love developing websites, web apps, back ends, but mostly front ends and always responsible and responsively. Love connecting offline with online and highly attracted by drones, Rifts, Cardboards, HoloLenses, Kinects, Arduino's or just anything with an API.

I currently work as a front end developer at Dutch public broadcaster VPRO and you can check out my open source projects on Github.

You can find my resumé and projects below.


I have been developing websites since 2001 and have seen a lot of languages, libraries, browsers, devices, design trends and management methodologies appear, evolve or disappear.
And that's the beauty of it. Keeping up with this ever evolving landscape means there's never a dull moment.

I've done most projects with HTML(5), CSS, SASS, vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, RequireJS, AngularJS, Backbone, Gulp, Grunt, Node.js, ASP, PHP, MySQL, CouchDB, Wordpress and Java based Magnolia CMS.
On Mac and Windows, with IntelliJ, Webstorm and Sublime IDE's. Mostly SVN, but using Git on side projects.
Have worked in Scrum projects since 2010 and recently been doing Kanban.

I've done side projects with Arduino, Python and mobile web app development with Apache Cordova and would love to get my hands dirty with native app development, but for now there's just some basic Java and Objective-C knowledge.


Below you'll find links to a selection of projects I've done.

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