frank bosma


I have been working in a small developer team at Dutch public broadcaster VPRO since 2007. As a broadcaster our sites are mostly concerned with audio and video.

Besides websites we are currently working on a mobile web app for VPRO's internationally renowned music platform 3VOOR12 as a replacement of it's iPhone and Android native app.

Over the past years I have done a lot of projects, but a recent VPRO project where I have been main responsible as a frontender, is the VPRO website. It is a mobile first responsive site that makes use of responsive (background) images and touch sensitive sliders.

The site is also used as a template for 2 other sites, the main site of broadcaster HUMAN and of documentary platform NPO Doc. There is no code difference, only a differently configured stylesheet, and some CMS adjustable code configuration to make components behave differently, and still each has it's own identity.

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